didnt get it tatted on my chest for nothing 
hahaha lana knows whats up
lol go ahead talk your shit

you just openly admitted your father raised a lazy gold digging whore. 

but im pathetic? hahahaha bitch please

sending nudes to some guy you hardly know is fucking nasty, and desperate. 

you just mad because your hoe ass ruined your own life. my life on the other hand is pretty fucking sweet ;D

i normally would of beat your ass  by now for being such an incredible waist of human sperm and egg and such a bother in my life. but since your nasty whore self got knocked up before you can even buy your own wine, i guess that ass whooping is going to have to wait until you squeeze that ugly bastard out. then i get the satisfaction of kicking your ass in front of your kid :D you just made this so much better for me so thank you lol

you may have been able to run and hide from me for the past few months and i may not be able to kick your ass for the time being, but 9 months aint that far away boo boo. ima turn those teeth of yours in to a neckless sell it on esty, call it fashion and make money off ya dumb ass.

after all i am a ” mean hearted and spiteful person” LMFAO

Karma is a whore and he sure did fuck you

Obviously since you’re dumb ass got knocked up!!! LMAO!!!

Saw that coming from a mile away.

Hope you enjoy your next 18years in debt you nasty slut. That is if child protective services doesn’t take your kid away hahaha

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! Hahaha


me currently. need ma coffee.


Morning swim 🌊
I’m going to make it happen!!!

everything i ever wanted for myself, im going to get it

the goals I’ve set, I’ll achieve them all 

all the big dreams I have are going to come true

I’ve had an awaking, and not a damn thing can hold me back. I don’t even notice negativity any more all I see if success in my future.

people are going to hate but, and they can do that all they want but its not going to stop me from doing what I love.

all I can say is let em hate let em hate let em hate


I am Tina Belcher!!
when i was 11,12 ,13 what ever i was a total dork, i had no friends outside of my family, i wore dorky glasses and was in to things that everyone made fun of me for(not erotic friend fiction and horses. it was skateboards, hip hop and metal lol), i was extremely awkward (still am! ;D) i was in love with a boy i couldn’t have, and worked in my moms shop. pretty much as Tina as it gets. i relate to her so much its almost depressing. she reacts the same way i did to everything at that age and its wonderful.
tina belcher you are a queen
You know it
im in love with black lions, its kills me that they are almost extinct